Buying a business

Why buy a business?

Statistics show that owning your own business is the fastest way to financial independence, along with the lifestyle and freedom that come with successful business ownership. And purchasing an existing successful business with trained employees, existing client and supplier relationships, and a proven concept and location.

You typically gain:

  • A proven business model;
  • An established customer base and reputation;
  • An immediate cash flow from ongoing business activities;
  • Actual operating results, rather than projected results;
  • An immediate return on your investment;
  • Established credit history and relationships with vendors;
  • Trained employees;
  • Existing operating systems, licenses and permits;
  • Seller-provided training and financing.

High rewards for low risk

Why buy a business? Purchasing an existing business lets you take control of your own destiny with low risk and high rewards.

If you buy an existing business, there is a greater than 95 per cent chance that the business will still be in business after five years (provided, of course, that you buy it right). On the other hand, only 30 per cent of those who start a business from scratch succeed.

First-time buyer?

Many of our clients are first-time buyers. We understand that educating and guiding you step-by-step through locating, valuing, financing and buying a privately held business will be important to your success.

We will help you understand the real value in the different businesses you look at, with the focus on finding the right business for you.

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